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Why Go For Gift Cards?

Buying a present for someone can be a big hassle. You have to go to the mall, think of what the person will like, take note of their size (if applicable), fall in line, pay, have it gift wrapped then drive back home. This would take you at least an hour to accomplish and taking into consideration the traffic scene here in the Philippines, it’s safe to assume that you would have to add at least another hour to that. In the event that not giving a present is not an option, giftcards are my lifesaver! Here are my top 3 reasons why giftcards are definitely the best present to

1. It’s Easy To Purchase

You don’t even need to get out of your house! Just go online, choose a store, get a giftcard and pay through your credit card. Put it in a nice envelope and write a heartfelt letter. DONE!

2. You’re Giving The Person The Choice To Purchase What He Likes

By giving a giftcard, you eliminate the risk of giving something in the wrong size. Or worse, your gift is just not his type. Yikes!

3. You Don’t Have To Think Of A Gift For Each Individual Person

In the event that you’re giving out multiple gifts, you can all give them giftcards and they’ll surely still appreciate it. As I’ve said, put in a personalized letter and you are set to go!

Check out these giftcards from Rusty Lopez and never think about whether a pair would fit or not!




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