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Rainy Season Essentials

Rainy season has officially started! We know how bad it gets here in the Philippines so I have come up with 6 rainy season essentials you should have to make sure you are always prepared.


1. Umbrella

Davek_Traveler_Umbrella_Red_1024x1024Of course, number one is to always carry an umbrella. The weather can be unpredictable and always having one can spare you the hassle of going home drenched in rain.


2. Rain Jacketrainy_jacket_uniqlo_790

Have a hooded jacket ready just in case. This will be really handy for days when you have to carry a lot of things and just couldn’t fit an umbrella into the equation. This will also be perfect when the rain is not too strong and you could get away with just a rain coat.


3. Boots35

Wearing boots will be more practical than sandals when it’s raining. Prevent yourself from catching bacteria or what nots when you accidentally step on a deep puddle of water. Who knows what’s in that, right?


4. Water Bottle

monaco_cortland_back_2Always have water or fluids with you. During the rainy season, we are prone to sickness and being hydrated all day can help improve your immune system.


5. Powerbank


Charge your powerbanks! Brown outs are common during this season. In this digital age, it would be hard to survive without our gadgets. Make sure  to have your powerbanks ready so we can always contact our loved ones in time of crisis.



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