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Weekend Sales: How To Spend Wisely


The weekend is just around the corner and that means so are weekend sales! You’ve probably experienced going inside a mall with no intention of purchasing anything but end up leaving with no money left. It could be hard to resist buying things that are half the price but being wise about what you buy will make you feel more fulfilled in the end. Check out these tips I have for all of you that will make your every cent worth it, especially during those weekend sales.

1. Set a Budget
Number one on the list is to set a budget. Setting a budget is easy, sticking to it is a whole other story. Remember that when shopping, you tend to be impulsive and this is heightened when there are just so many “good” deals. My first advice is to set an ample budget, not too high and not too low. Second step, STICK TO IT. You’ll end up happier and prevent feeling guilty about purchases you realize you don’t actually need.

2. Go Early
Sales are not a private event for you. Most likely, many people are also eyeing to get the most out of these weekend sales. Go earlier and you will get the better deals. Go late and stocks might be limited, especially when it comes to shoes!

3. Wear Comfortable Clothes
Believe me, you will be walking for hours looking for the perfect find. Make sure that you are super comfortable and also opt for clothing that you can easily remove and wear. This will be handy when you try and fit pieces.

4. Make A List
To help you stick to your budget, make a list of the more important things you need or plan to buy. Try to follow your list, unless there’s a really really really good catch.

5. Check For Quality
Not because it’s for sale you would go on and ignore the quality of what you’re purchasing. Remember than in shopping, quality beats pricing. Buy things that will last longer in your closet. Invest in pieces that will make you look classy and not cheap.

6. Rest
Before going to a sale, remember to rest well the night before. It would be a lot of cardio work for you and it’s gonna be crowded. To set you up for a good mood the next day, take ample sleep and eat a good breakfast.

FYI, Glorietta is having a weekend sale this coming saturday and sunday! Don’t forget to follow these tips if ever you decide to drop by. Enjoy!






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