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7 Things to Wear to the Beach


It’s summer season yet again and that means numerous road trips and beach trips along the way. It may be hard to look stylish in the intense heat but with these seven items, you are sure to look fashionable as you are comfortable.

1. A good pair of swimsuit

If there’s anything your should invest on, it would be a good swimsuit. Be it a bikini or a one piece, make sure that you look good and feel good in it. Make sure it shows your best assets and makes you feel super confident!

2. A nice roomy beach toteil_fullxfull.450569121_1ytb
A roomy and appealing beach tote will help you in carrying all your valuables and beach needs without sacrificing style. Again, make sure it’s roomy. You’ll be carrying A LOT of stuff to the beach!

3. A girly cover upNew-Arrivals-Sexy-font-b-Beach-b-font-Cover-up-Lace-White-Swimwear-font-b-Dress
Don’t forget to bring a girly cover up. You can opt for it to be short or long. It ‘s up to you! But a nice, flowy cover up will surely give you the best photos to post on social media.

4. Oversized sunglassesa237f91697d5d2541d46ab6b759c42fd
What is a beach trip with out sunglasses?! Opt to get the oversized ones because it will surely make your look a hundred times more fabulous. Pair it with a wide brimmed hat and voila! Angelina Jolie is that you?!


5. Beachy sandals

Instead of wearing the boring old flip flops, why not go for colorful sandals or strappy ones? It will surely level up your look!

6. Hoop Earingslilly_pulitzer-sea-urchin-hoop-earrings-gold-471e009a_l
For your accessories, go for hoop earrings! They add so much style to your beachy waves. Plus, they’re easy to wear and low maintenance. I would not wear anything too expensive, though! Remember you’re at the beach not a party.

7. SunscreenWoman hand putting sunscreen from a suncream bottle
And last, but definitely not the least, DO NOT FORGET TO WEAR SUNSCREEN. You wouldn’t want to have sunburnt skin for the rest of your trip, right? Wear lots of sunscreen to ensure that your skin is protected.

And there it is, the top 7 things to wear to look your best during your beach trips this summer. Remember to pack light, eat a lot, have fun and take numerous photos. Enjoy!

Get your checklist ready now and shop online for the best deals around. Save up and get a little more allowance to spend on your trip!


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