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5 Ways to Style Your Sneakers

A cool pair of sneakers is one of the most versatile pieces in your wardrobe. From gym attire to sunday dresses, you could probably wear just about anything with it. For the woman who loves comfort as much as she loves style, sneakers are probably the best thing that ever happened to fashion! Here are 5 ways to style the ever reliable pair of sneakers.

  1. With Denim


    Of course, number 1 styling tip is… DENIM. No one can question that sneakers go with any type of denim clothing — be it pants, shorts, dress, rompers — name it, and it would just be the perfect pair to your reliable sneaks.

  2. With a Dress


    Yes, your sneakers would not only go with cute, above the knee dresses. They also go with maxi dresses! Feeling a bit girly for the day, go for that dress and sneakers combo.

  3. With a Skirt


    If they go with dresses, they would probably also go with skirts, right? CORRECT. Sneakers go with most skirts, even leather ones. Pair it with a simple tanktop and you’re good to go!

  4. With Culottes

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    They even go with culottes! Culottes are in trend right now and it makes me so happy that I don’t have to go through wearing heels to wear these. Culottes paired with sneakers makes an updated, comfortable look.

  5. With a Blazer


    Opting to look a bit professional? Well, they also go with blazers. If you’re not up to wearing uncomfortable shoes but still want to look all corporate, sneakers are the way to go. Comfort and style all rolled into one!

    What can a pair of sneakers not do, right?! They’re comfortable, trendy and versatile. Sneakers are definitely must-haves for every woman. Use it for working out, use it for running your errands, you can even use it for night outs! Just remember to invest and not squander on low quality ones. Enjoy shopping for your next pair!


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