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Snacking Fashion From Cheetos

Be at the height of fashion while getting your fill of your favorite snack! Cheetos had recently teamed up with Betabrand to create Easter clothes perfect for eating Cheetos stealthily while keeping your hands clean. Check them out below:

  1. Snacking Gloves


Don’t want to get your fingers all orange? Then get these snacking gloves. These are white Easter gloves that are really three pairs in one. How it works is when you get Cheetos dust on the first layer, you can just pull them off to reveal a clean pair underneath. You can only change pairs twice, though cause there’s only three of them.

2. Snackscot


If you want to be subtle about snacking during endless meetings and what-not, then get the Snackscot, an ascot that features a secret pouch for storing Cheetos. Now you can get away with not sharing your Cheetos because there won’t be that tell-tale rustling of the bag your colleagues can sharply hear even a mile away!

3. Easter Hiding Hat


Take hiding snacks to a whole new level with this Easter Hiding Hat featuring stylish purple flowers, an angling of the brim that can flatter any face shape, and straw matrial to keep you cool and protect you from UV rays. The best part? There’s a secret compartment for hiding Cheetos in the hat.

4. Lapkin Pants


We all have that urge right whilst in the middle of snacking on Cheetos to wipe our hands on any cloth immediately available, even if this means sacrificing our pristine white pants or top. Good thing, the lapkin pants was invented. This Easter, eat your Cheetos and then wipe your hands on your Lapkin pants. It’s a pair of seersucker pants with detachable napkin panels so you can wipe away without fear or hesitation!

5.  Sound Muffling Muffler


Eat a bag of Cheetos in peace and quiet with this sound muffling muffler. What better way to celebrate Easter than to have a full bag of Cheetos all to yourself? This fancy muffler muffles the sound of any bags of Cheetos you stash inside it. You’ll be smiling like the Easter Bunny right after you finish a whole bag all by yourself -secretly of course!


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