Minimalist Jewelry: How to Wear Them

Funky, elegant and classy, minimalist art is an irresistible trend and everyone is clamoring to own a piece of this modern art or be seen wearing various types of minimalist jewelry. Below are some inspirations on how you can wear minimalist jewelry:

  1. Layer it.


–  If you want to look stylish and feminine, try layering on your minimalist rings and necklaces. Try out various styles of jewelry before purchasing them to see if it looks good together.


 2. Stack your rings. 


– Wear a stack of skinny rings to jazz up any outfit and for that extra polished look. This look goes well with perfectly manicured nails.


3. Pair bangle bracelets 


Accessorize your business outfit with two differently shaped but singularly hued bangles for an edgy, smart and chic look.


   4. Chunky rings


An easy way to add a dash of simplistic art in your daily routine is by wearing a chunky minimalist ring such as this one. It instantly adds character to your hands as well as your OOTD.


  5. Ear Pins 


– Wear this ear pin suitable for any occasion, be it a casual, formal, or street-smart party you are attending. Simple and without any frills, it adds sophistication and a touch of modern art to your total look and can easily be paired with any outfit.

Whatever minimalist jewelry you decide to wear today, just be sure to wear it with confidence just as you would any pair of good shoes!


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