Fashion Trends 2017: Island Paradise Pantone

Good news for beach lovers, those who love to gaze at the clear blue skies,and everyone searching for the latest fashion trends of 2017! Island Paradise Pantone has just been declared as one of the hottest summer fashion colors for 2017!

Island Paradise is a refreshing aqua hue that reminds us of the sea, of a much awaited vacation, and of sweet escapes to the beach to be one with nature!

Here are various inspirations on how you can do Island Paradise Pantone:

Wear it.  


– Not just a summer outfit, Island Paradise is versatile. Wear it as a dress to a formal event, as capri pants to work as a floral dress for parties or as a coat for evenings or when it’s cold at the office. Island Paradise is a cool hue that complements any skin tone -whether warm or cool!


Use it to accessorize & emphasize.



There’s just something about ice blue jewelries that’s so sophisticated and subtly stylish yet beautiful. Feel like an ice princess with either drop or dangling earrings in ice blue, a gemmed necklace, and beaded bangles and bracelets. Pair it with a purse and shoes of the same shade and you’re ready to go!


Choose footwear in the same color. 


Feel closer to your dream island getaway by wearing sandals the shade of the cool blue sea! We love this summer outfit Haniffa sandals from Rusty Lopez online store .


Explore all possibilities!


There’s just too many ways to wear Island Paradise pantone! Be sure to include it in your summer clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, watches, belts, and other items for a fab look that’s in line with fashion trends 2017.



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