New Shoes for Men

Not all men are a fan of buying new shoes, whereas other men buy new shoes as if they’re just picking up food. But whether you are a man or a lady reading this blog post this can be for any of you. You can buy a pair of new shoes for your man or you can buy new shoes for yourself.

I have gathered a few pair of shoes that every man out there should own. They are a must have for any occasion and are great if you’re one of those lazy men out there who just grab shoes and go. This will make it easier and quicker when getting ready, because we know you beat us girls every time.


  1. Boat Shoes


Boat shoes which are made from canvas are one of the most popular shoes today especially for men today. They give off a smart casual look and can be used for work, school, dates and literally any occasion. They work best with shorts the most but can also be worn with pants. They are sold pretty much everywhere and they are great to have, choose a dark brown or navy blue pair as they match well with any outfit.

  1. Slip on one Shoes


Slip on shoes are great go-to-shoes and there are many different styles and colors to choose from. They can be worn for casual outfits, dressier outfits, work outfits and more. These are very easy to buy and will be the perfect new shoes if you are going out shopping this weekend.

  1. Sandals


These shoes, well I’m sure every man has living in a hot country like the Philippines. I’m sure you wear them for those times you just have to drop by the mall or go out for a random drive. These are a great must have and you can never have too many pairs. You can have any color in the world and I’m sure you’ll definitely be using them. This will be a great investment no matter what brand or what style, but I suggest buying a pair from Rusty Lopez. They have durable slippers and sandals and are locally made too, with branches nationwide so go out and buy a pair now. Try visiting the official Rusty Lopez website and sign up to get 10% off on your first purchase.

  1. Boots


These may not seem like the ideal footwear for the climate here in the Philippines, but you know what? Women love them! I dig them and they are great on a guy, they polish of a guys look and look great with freshly ironed shirt and pants. I would definitely fall head over heels for a guy wearing boots.

  1. Dress Shoes


It’s always good to have at least one pair of dress shoes. They can be worn for fancy dates, dinner parties, and special occasions and maybe for work if your work requires it. Rusty Lopez also sells them with a variety for styles and for affordable prices too.


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