Extra Limelight

The very first time I saw JC De Vera was a few years ago in the movie, My Bestfriend’s Girlfriend alongside Marian Rivera and Richard Gutierrez. This was one of my favorite movies not only because I am a fan of the cast but because of how fun the movie was. It had a great story line and there was not one moment where it was boring. I remember despite it being ages ago that I watched it, I still remember the movie like the back of my hands.

f4a628a1dc80d96c4b1fd4aa2d28fa2d0a8f0ad44a770f6942pimgpsh_fullsize_distra402d66501f645a3aa8f739cd23fe851c77ce867a32a8e7116pimgpsh_fullsize_distr JC DeVera did a great job in this movie, even though I haven’t watched many of his movies, I wondered what had happened to him. Now, all of a sudden he is back in the limelight. With his upcoming teleserye with Jessy Mendiola and an upcoming indie movie, he is reaching for the stars as a Kapamilya. Moving to abs 2 years ago he has done very well to build up his career.

Especially being an endorser for several brands, such as Rusty Lopez nothing is stopping him or holding him back from the million of fans that continue to support him. He really keeps on going, showing his all-around talent with his regular role in Banana Sundae, he never fails to entertain all those around him especially his fans.

I am so excited to see his upcoming projects and to finally see someone talented to finally get that extra limelight. There are tons of actors out there but not many make it or get this far, he is lucky to get a leading role in a teleserye as some take years for it all to happen.


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