Sneaker Shoes for Women

Comfortable sneakers or uncomfortable heels? Not everyone enjoys wearing heels, wedges, flats or looking girly in general. Some women choose to be comfortable than to be towering over heels; strutting uncomfortably around the street.

I have gathered shoes that will ease your daily commute or outings with friends or even a date. White sneakers have become a huge trend this year but don’t worry, wearing sneakers does not necessarily have to be white. You can wear black sneakers, red sneakers, gold sneakers or even printed sneakers.

Light and perfect to walk, jog, hike or whatever you want to do on a daily basis. They can be worn with dresses and skirts fit for work outfits. A plain pencil skirt with a printed tee or a skater skirt with plain tee can be worn with these sneakers. Personally I wouldn’t wear these with pants or jeans as it could look a bit boyish or if you do choose to wear jeans try wearing ripped jeans to give your outfit more excitement.

These are definitely the most popular due to it being the easiest to match. These are everyone’s go to sneakers which I’m sure if you don’t own one yet, will enjoy it even more when you finally grab a pair. Grab these now in any Rusty Lopez branch or online; these are a great fashion statement making your outfit look chic and effortless.

These sneakers can be fun to wear, these would be worn best though with skirts, dresses or even shorts. Personally I wouldn’t wear these with pants as I would love to give all the attention on my shoes. I would want to show it all off and flaunt them because as they say, shoes are what makes an outfit.


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