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How to Dress for the Gym

For some it has to be summer or nearing to summer just to hit the gym or to get that ‘summer body.’ But for me going to the gym is a routine and should be something I do whenever I am free.  As it is the perfect way to release stress, anger and just let loose a bit. It is a great way not only for you physically but emotionally.

But one thing I realized was how what I wear can actually matter, I know it may seem lame. However when you are confident and comfortable it makes it a lot easier to drag yourself to the gym. I mean you already can’t wear make-up due to your heavy amount of sweat so why not at least good. Here is an idea for men and women on what they can wear to the gym. It might be only one ootd but you can always buy different colors or different styles.

The first one is for women:


A must have is a sports bra, its great to have different colors and designs to choose from. Followed by a crop top if you don’t want to show off your bra to the world, then yoga pants or jogging pants. Then to top it off shoes, for me the brighter the better! Who wouldn’t want sneakers that stand out, this should be the highlight of your outfit.

The second, for men:


A great outfit to wear is a fitted cotton shirt, cotton is well known for absorbing sweat and why not add that fitted shirt to show off your abs that are slowly coming into place. A hoodie is also great to wear  with sweat pants. Most people like to wear hoodies so that they can sweat even more. Then of course don’t forget your sneakers, just like for women why not make your sneakers stand out, make them shine while you’re working that treadmill.


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