Casual Outfits for Work

I grew up wearing uniform every day to school, suddenly after a few weeks that have passed in the working world I am racking my brain out for what to wear! Every evening when I get home I eat and lie down for a bit but cannot go to sleep until I know what I will wear the next day. Travelling to work 2 hours every day means that I have to wake up early and leave early, I do not have time to try every outfit I could possibly think of.

So to help all you other women out there in the same position as me I decided to share how I deal with this. I go to one of my favorite websites where I can easily generate ideas of what to wear.

I have gathered four ideas (I know there are five days of the week) but you can use these four ideas to give help on how you can mix and match your outfits.

  1. Mid-length dress with flats

This is one of my favorites. I love wearing dresses, there are so many varieties of dresses to choose from but you can easily buy one and match with flats or even canvass shoes. I would choose mid-length dresses personally for those who are commuting, they are comfortable and easy to travel around in, especially if you are in a running late.

2. Pencil skirt with any t-shirt

This might not be comfortable if you take a bus every day but trust me it is possible. Sometimes I want to spice up my week especially if I am feeling sexy and so I decide to wear pencil skirts every now and again. Yes they are very comfortable,it might take some time getting used to, but I think they look great for those girls want to keep it casual in the office. You can even wear these skirts with trainers/sneakers and if you want a more exciting look you can go for a printed tee.

3. Blazer, plain shirt, pants and flats

A very simple outfit to put together for those who are more comfortable wearing pants. Any colored pants will go I usually prefer wearing lighter colors, with this you can mix and match the colors and prints but go for a plain blazer to match with any shirt or pants you decide to wear.

4. Polo, pants and flats

I’m pretty sure every woman out there has at least worn this once, you can wear a loose polo or even a fitted one and tuck it and then add a belt. However if you’re looking for something loose and easy to move in chose this style, where only the front bit is tucked in. This for me is the lazy girl outfit where you can just put anything on and run. It is very easy to put together and shoes isn’t a huge problem with this outfit as you can even wear heels, canvasses or printed ballet shoes.

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