5 Must Have Shoes For Women

Sadly, not every woman out there is a fan of shoes. Others would rather concentrate on clothes or bags but for me shoes is what makes up an outfit. For me shoes add flavor and character, polishing your outfit to perfection. Being a lover of shoes I have put together shoes that every woman out there should at least have. Even if they are not outrageous colors but simple shoes that can be worn over and over again to match any outfit or mood.

  1. My ultimate favorite and a pair that every girl should already have, are the classic black flats.25_1They can be worn with literally any outfit and are very comfortable. They can be your go to shoes whenever you’re in a rush for work or are too lazy to find another pair of shoes. You can opt to buy a pair with a little edge such as gems or even a bow, but the safest choice is plain black. This is probably a sin not to have, how can you not own a pair?

2. Perfect for those living in a hot country, like us! Sandals are a definite must have.


Mostly paired with shorts, dresses or skirts; they are a perfect way to glam up an outfit making it sophisticated yet effortless. They are a way to show off your new pedicure and at the same time gives your feet fresh air from the dry and humid weather. With so many different styles of sandals, it is very easy to find a pair that you will be comfortable with.

3. Mid-heeled shoes for dinner parties, dates or office girls.


A comfortable pair of heels, it might sound like a miracle but these will definitely allow you to last a whole night without shrieking with pain. Mid-heeled shoes are easier to walk in and really adds a tang to your outfit. There are a variety of mid-heeled shoes you can choose from but the best option is a color that will match the majority of your outfits which is usually black, nude, tan etc.

4. Running, jogging and even long walks. Yup, we must all own a pair of these even without me asking. Sneakers!

50And they’re still here! Sneakers are something we’ve all worn since we were toddlers. But who says adults can’t wear them either. They can be used for pretty much anything. Not necessarily for quick morning runs but also those chill days where you’re either strolling around the mall or just too lazy to put on dressy shoes. It doesn’t necessarily have to make you look boyish as some girls wear them with skirts or dresses. So have fun wearing them no matter where you go!

5. The ultimate must have, a pair of pumps.

3 (11)

We might not need it for everyday use but they are the most useful pair that you will need stored somewhere in the back of your closet. They are definitely needed for big celebrations such as weddings, birthday parties, family occasions and much more. A pair of shoes that will definitely be worn every now and again, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one pair that you can repeatedly wear for special occasions.


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